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Vocational Training Course, Pune, In
Instruments at Beloved Bapu
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1. The first event of VI-SH Koranne Foundation in USA - Youth Engagement for Success Division (Y.E.S.)
VI-SH Koranne Foundation supported of FLL Robotics Scrimmage Event for Elementary School Children. Eighty elementary & middle school students participated. Date: November 6, 2016 Event Time: 12:00-4:00 pm at Roy Herburger Elementary, MP Room.

2. Three house concerts of Hindustani music were sponsored by VI-SH Koranne Foundation by Pandit Vishwajeet Ringe, a visiting artist from New Delhi, India in December 2016 & later in 2017 & 2018. In May 2017 another visiting artist from Mumbai, India performed at Folsom, Masonic Center & her concert was also supported by the Koranne Foundation. 

3. February 2017 - An afternoon well spent with Manzil Mystics in New Delhi, India with Anurag & the Mystics team. Heera Kulkarni of VI-SH Koranne Foundation, USA is proud to announce that Manzil Mystics is the FIRST recipient of Koranne Foundation's grant of Rs. One Lakh or $1,500. Visited their new & independent location in Kotla today.

4. Koranne Foundation again supported the "Learning through Music" project run by Manzil Mystics in N.D.M.C. schools for underprivileged students in Delhi. A second grant of $1,500 was given to this organization. Mystics is run by disadvantaged young adults to work with disadvantaged youth. A detailed report to follow soon!! Keep making music, continue your great work with children in the schools & sing from your heart for the people. Jai Ho!!

5. Fundraising concert "Mehfil-E-Ghazal" was held on September 9, 2018 at Russell ranch Elementary in Folsom, CA from 4:00-7:00 pm. Fundraises for the Kerala Relief victim via SEWA International Foundation. Many community members & businesses supported the event generously. A sum of $3,100 was raised at the event.

6. Funded Self-Help projects for low-income women in Pune, India in 2016 & 2017

Two beauty parlor self-help courses were initiated & funded by VI-SH Koranne Foundation in a low-income area of Maharashtra. One course was held in Upper Indira Nagar, Bibwewadi in 2016 & second one in a village near Pune, India in 2017. These courses were designed by Gnyan Prabodhini organization of Pune, India.

7. Spreading the cheer of Holi, Diwali & Culture of India to bridge the cultural gaps

We present colorful dances, music & activities to non-Indian & Indian audiences to spread the cheer of popular Indian festivals of Holi & Diwali. In March 2019 we were at the Granite Bay Senior Center to present the Holi festival.  We did a presentation of Holi at the public library in Elk Grove, CA. Diwali festival was presented at another library in Sacramento, CA. At the B-Street Theater a show with Indian music & dances related to Mahatma Gandhi was presented in January 2018 to inaugurate the “Gandhi” play. 

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